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Reclaimed timber. We have supplied reclaimed timber to hundreds of satisfied customers. Before you choose your particular timber we discuss with you your preferences and the suitability of different species and individual reclaimed source. You should make sure you understand that reclaimed timber has 'character' which makes it so attractive in appropriate settings, which may include nail holes, mature knots, stains and so on.

A sample of the chosen wood can usually be sent to you.

If you are using a builder or joiner to install the timber, we strongly advise that you discuss your choice of wood and ensure that you both have the same vision.

Payment. For timber and reclaimed building materials to the UK, we ask for payment by cheque or cash on delivery. For items shipped abroad we require payment in Sterling before shipping. We can advise you on transfering funds electronically through your bank.

Delivery, shipping and insurance. In the UK we deliver timber and other large items at the cost to us. Shipping abroad is arranged as part container loads or as appropriate. We can advise on insurance.

Computer stuff and privacy. We do not keep any database of customers nor store email messages beyond the time during which we are dealing with enquiries and supplies. We never make email addresses or other data available to third parties. We do not do cookies (a cookie is a small program put on your PC by a website you are browsing. I am always surprised how many tracking cookies I accummulate - these track everywhere I go and report back to their owners, who then send me junk emails that I don't recived but that clog up the world's communications).

I personally have run anti-virus, antispam and and firewall products on my computer for the last 12 years and have never had a problem. That's probably less down to good judgement than to the absence of children and grandchildren exploring the wider shores of life on my machines. But I do read reviews of security products and do a few searches every now and again to see where the security world is at. Every six months or so I seek out reputable downloads of free scans from companies outside those whose software I've installed. That gives another trawl for any low life that has found its way in, and gets rid of it.

Email, viruses and worms

Been away for a few days? Update your virus checker before you receive your email. Or download anything off the web. This is because new bad stuff may have come into circulation and you need the immunisation, so to speak, before you expose yourself.

Just because you recognise an email sender's address, it does not 100% prove that the email came from them - stealing and hijacking of names can occur. If you are sending someone an attachment to the email like a picture or a document, then put something specific in the subject line that only you could have written. So don't say ' long time no see' or 'it's me' but 'Edinburgh meeting' or whattever.

And if it's a simple document, written say in WORD, consider saving it also as a text file and copying and pasting this straight into the body of your message so no attachments are involved.

December 2008