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Prices of reclaimed wood
Feb 2010


Please note that, unlike new wood, each day's recovered timber coming out of an old building is different.
Only when we see the wood and its quality can we describe it to you and price it accurately.

Guide to metric and imperial measures:

Conversion calculator for metric length, area, volume

Customers of our reclaimed timber include

  • English Heritage
  • Headstone Manor
  • Ospray Design for Somerset House
  • Rohan outdoor shops
  • St. John's Church, Hampstead
  • The Plough, East Sheen

Advantages to architects and builders

Freshly cut wood contains considerable water, which amounts to from one-third to more than one-half of the total weight. The drying of wood before it is processed into lumber is called seasoning, and is done for a number of reasons. Seasoned wood is far more resistant to decay than fresh wood; it is much lighter and therefore less expensive to ship. Most importantly, wood changes in shape during drying, and this change in shape should be completed before the wood is sawed.

In general terms wood may be seasoned either by air-drying or kiln-drying. Air-drying takes several months, whereas kiln-drying takes a few days. In both cases, the wood must be carefully stacked to prevent warping, and the rate of drying must be carefully controlled.

If you use 100-year old reclaimed wood the process is already done!

1 m 39.37 inches
30.48 cm
1 foot or 12 inches
1 sq metre 1.196 sq yard
0.9144 m 1 yard or 3 feet

Flooring timber is typically cut from Victorian sources, from the ongoing demolition of large public institutions such as mental hospitals, town centre redevelopments and commercial premises.

Baulks of timber are planked or used as beams depending on size and how best they can be split up into new uses.

You should expect some variation in colour and sometimes old nail holes: 'character' comes with age. Do ask, if you are unsure if this will suit you rather than pristine new timber.

We can tongue-and-groove flooring planks.

Prices are subject to VAT at the UK rate at the time and to delivery (and insurance if requested) at cost. We can normally deliver in about a week in England, Wales and mainland Scotland. We can, and have, delivered to Europe and further afield, by individual arrangement.

oak beams: from £12
per cubic foot ex VAT ex delivery

flooring timber: per square yard, in UK pounds sterling, ex VAT ex delivery:-

  • pine from £22.00
  • pitch pine from £28
  • mahogany from £28
  • maple from £20
  • beech from £20
  • oak from £32
  • teak from £28

other timbers please ask