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Bohemian crystal glass door knob ( mortice fitting only), choice of brass or nickel back plate; knob 53mm, rose 59mm, proj 60mm, pair £54.00 Also cupboard knob 40mm, proj 47mm; each, £8.98

Brass door knobs: anticlockwise from bottom: large beehive doorknob, pair, £25.50,
beehive cupboard knobs, each, large, £6.75, smaller £4.50
Bloxwich cupboard knob, small, each, £4.50; large Bloxwich £6.75

Bloxwich door knob, pair, £25.50
This also illustrated below and left

door, door and cupboard knobs.
choice of brass or nickel and glass colour: amber, black, blue, clear, green. Measurements and prices: see above

Door and cupboard knobs. Prices and measurements: see Bohemian clear knobs above

Bloxwich mortice and rim doorknobs, brass, pair, £25.50
ditto in nickel £35.00.

nickel: patterns as in the brass selection above:
Beehive or Bloxwich door knobs,
pair, £35.00,
large cupboard knob, each £9.50
small cupboard knob, each £7.00

Polished brass 'Cottage' door knobs: 42mm, 42mm,
proj. 45mm: £12.95 per pair


Illustrated above: Beehive in brass, lady in nickel, thistle in brass.
Each £5.502 in brass or £9.25 in nickel

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