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oak in a frame
plank door in oak
parlourgothic style parlour door in reclaimed oak
parlour and gothic parlour (glazed)

4-panel door, front and back 4-panel door in reclaimed pine4-panel door in pine

Eden Garden Antiques
Architectural heritage materials
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Solid hardwood or softwood doors in reclaimed pine and oak from demolished buildings. This timber mostly originated from trees growing in the 19th century and is exceptionally well seasoned. Ledge and brace, panelled, parlour; interior and exterior; also custom made to your measurements incl. wide doors for disabled access. From £110 (net of VAT)
oak door
classic door, front
oak panel door
classic door, back

oak before staining/oiling
pine before staining/oiling

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rimlatchlion's head knocker

pine after finishing with colour
pine door when completed.
The colour of the wood will change, and can be customised to the hue required, with the finishing applied.
Photographs of wood turn out in different colours according to the kind of lighting at the time- daylight or electric light or camera flash


Ledge and brace from £110
Interior 4-panel doors
from £145 and exterior (thicker) from £150 .
Parlour doors:
from £150
Custom doors. Broader, smaller, a specific thickness eg for fire regulations, non-standard shapes and sizes: please email or phone for a quote.
All prices subject to VAT

Plank doors never go out of fashion! The webmaster came across the doors below while on holiday in the Faroe Islands. They are not for sale! (But you might copy them in reclaimed wood ...) They are inside a 900-year-old farmhouse. The doors, like the rest of the building, are made of driftwood. There are no trees at all on the islands so driftwood (coming in on a branch of the Gulf Stream) is immensely valuable. In mediaeval times when wood was spotted in the sea it was a case of drop everything and rush to the boats to go and guide it to shore.

At the end of its life a wooden door can be recycled into other things whereas the brand-new plastic, wood-effect, doors I found in a visitor centre will one day cost money to go to a special plastics recycling facility.

mediaeval driftwoodmediaeval driftwood doors

Our doors are made from reclaimed timber baulks from demolished buildings, anything from old factories to offices to Victorian municipal structures. The wood, which may be pine, pitch pine, yellow pine, douglas fir, oak or various other species, is cut into planks and recyled as floor boards, doors and various joinery projects. The wood is fully seasoned over its hundred years or so and will not warp or shrink (psychiatrist-free as well ([with apologies to the profession for my warped sense of humour]).

Page date August 2008