FAQ: frequently asked questions

Q. Do you have a shop I can visit?
A. We don't have a retail shop. If you are in the area you are welcome to visit and meet us in Burton, which is in south Cumbria. You can see work done with reclaimed wood and also see samples of timber, door knobs and doors. Please phone first to make sure we are in!

Q. What floor timbers do you keep in stock?
A. Pine, pitch pine and oak are always available. Other timbers come and go as they are revealed in the buildings we demolish.

Q. Where is this stock?
A. Our timber is stored at the demolition sites, in Yorkshire and the Midlands. It is delivered to you from origin or storage. We try to get several deliveries coordinated to keep down the cost to each customer.

Q. Is 100-year old timber less attractive than modern?
A. No, not at all. Some is of a unique colour and texture that you can't get from modern trees. Reclaimed timber flooring looks superb in older buildings and complements antique furniture but it can be surprisingly effective in ultramodern designs as well. We will talk with you about what the wood is going to be used for and your personal preferences and ideas.

Q. Can you send me a catalogue?
A. We don't have a catalogue because the salvaged material, and especially the wood, never stays around long enough to be catalogued! We can also search and find particular requirements from our contacts in the salvage business.

Q So how do I know what goodies are appearing from the buildings you demolish?
A Phone John for weekly information and to ask us to look out for what you want.

Q. What about delivery of timber? And how much does it cost?
A. By trailer or truck, depending on the amount. Or as part container loads abroad. Price is at cost, and we can usually organise several deliveries together to a region, which is more efficient and cost-saving.

Q. How do I pay for the goods?
A. By cheque or cash on delivery in the UK, or by bank transfer. We do not at the present time take credit cards.

. Dec 2008